Being a native of North Dakota growing up with a hand in agriculture on the farm, Mike knows the importance of food in society. Providing a sustainable dining experience has always been a goal of his to accomplish in the food sector up in the Midwest region.


He started in the food and beverage industry 20 years ago. He gained experience working in North Dakota, Minnesota, California and Arizona where he garnered knowledge and experience on all parts of the restaurant industry, and saw firsthand the global shift in society of wanting a good restaurant experience.


With his vast knowledge and experience, he returned to Minot in 2008 to open Big Time Bistro, a successful restaurant based on fresh ingredient sandwiches in downtown Minot. After six years, he made the decision to close Big Time Bistro as he was offered the opportunity to be a part of the community in a larger way by opening an upscale casual restaurant at the Minot Country Club. He created Elevation restaurant utilizing all of his previous skills and on the premise of providing the Minot community with a dining experience like no other.


As a business owner, Mike knows the importance of local economics and he is a passionate Minot advocate who strives to provide his customer base with a great quality product. 



Born and raised in Harvey, ND, Barry Dick found his calling to cuisine at an early age. His first culinary achievement that stands out to him is the first time he made a full Chinese dinner by himself at the age of 11. 


Barry’s initial breakout experience in working in a restaurant came from being employed by his aunt and uncle at their family owned supper club. He continued to work there throughout high school. Following high school graduation Barry went to culinary school at NDSCS while honing his skills working in various corporate and non-corporate establishments throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Barry received his first head chef position when he was 20 and he quickly became an indispensable asset to the restaurant. Looking for ways to advance his professional career he moved to Minot to further develop his path in the culinary industry. 


Barry said one of his favorite cooking experiences was when he volunteered his time working under several Scandinavian chefs during the Norsk Hostfest, including world renowned chefs Geir Skeie and Willy Hansen. After years of practical food knowledge and hands on cooking Barry became the executive chef at Elevation where he combines cooking with high quality fresh ingredients and creativity to bring the best dining experience to the guest.


Barry said the source of his inspiration started with his grandma. Cooking with her and tasting all of her amazing recipes that have been handed down through family generations. Today, his driving force of his inspiration and motivation are his two children. He spends most of his time in the kitchen with them exposing them to new foods and the proper ways to cook them. Barry said it is very rewarding to inspire, nurture and educate future generations of chefs.

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Trista began her journey in hospitality when she was just 14 years old in a little café in Wolf Point, MT. She continued to work at the Wolf Point Café and the Sherman Motor Inn all throughout her high school years. This sparked her passion to serve and host people. 

After high school, Trista moved to Nevada where she took a position working in a fine dining restaurant in Carson City. Here she honed her skills at providing excellent service and exquisite dining experiences. After a few years, she found herself in Minot, ND where she met her husband and together they ventured out to the state of Wisconsin. In Wisconsin she began her career in restaurant management. She served as a bartender and server shift lead for three years in Wisconsin before returning to Minot.

Upon returning to Minot and establishing her home here with her family, she became a manager at a local restaurant for four years. Trista then took a few years off to tend to her children and her family but the desire to be in hospitality was always tugging at her. After returning to restaurant management for three years, Trista took a position serving and bartending at Elevation. Here is where she found a unique environment that inspired her and her passion to be in management once again.


For Trista, hosting guests in Elevation is comparable to hosting family and she strives to provide them with exceptional guest service to help them celebrate their special moments in life and to create wonderful lifelong memories.